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No 6

Linda Ibbotson

“The bold adventurer succeeds the best” Ovid
Last time, we were savoring the delights of the gardens at Lismore Castle where my featured guest poet Annette Skade was reading on Culture Night.
I welcome you now to join me in the next adventure as I am revelling in the companionship of my fellow poetic passengers.
No words can describe the thrill of bus travel and the menagerie of characters that are at the core of true poetic inspiration , Whether it is on a brightly colored Indian bus squashed like sardines and hanging on for dear life ,!  or in Morocco where I remember my fellow passengers sharing freshly picked pomegranates as we drove through deserts dotted with piles of yellow melons  or a chicken bus,( colloquially named Camionetas,,) in Guatemala , a poultry experience.! or even the red double decker London bus.transporting city gents to and from the Great Metropolis,
Never before have I encountered a Poetry Bus that is …until now !
Let me introduce you to Peadar O’Donoghue, the bus driver and bold adventurer and he will take you on a guided world tour along with his wife Collette.
Their hard work and dedication keep the wheels of the Poetry Bus in motion and features poetry, fiction and illustrations from many far reaching destinations including Poland, India, Canada etc…
I was thrilled to meet Peadar at the launch of PB5 at O Bheal in Cork in October.
What is the Poetry Bus and who is in the driving seat ?
Hello Linda, many thanks for inviting us to answer these questions.
The Poetry Bus is a perfect bound, full colour print magazine of poetry and illustration.
It also features reviews, articles, flash fiction, graphic short stories and almost anything different made of (not too many!) words that might capture our imagination! It comes with an audio CD of a selection of the poets reading, plus two music tracks. Physically it’s more of a journal really but it has the spirit of a magazine!
(Almost) In charge are myself, Peadar, the founder and editor and my wife, Collette, who is assistant, editor and art editor. I’m a poet and a photographer and mainly choose the poems with help from Collette, who is an artist (she studied art at college) and selects the illustrations for the magazine.
We work together at a top secret location, in a shed, high up in the Wicklow hills with a team of highly trained goats and a wind powered computer. We are deadly serious about the mag, but hopefully don’t take ourselves too seriously. All are equally welcome to send submissions, as poems are chosen rather than people.
What inspired you to publish this magazine?
The passion of the outsider looking in, the realisation that being good enough wasn’t always enough.
The realisation that the arts world is no different to any other; the building site, the factory ,the office, or the schoolyard. In short there is nothing special or different about the arts other than the art itself.
We wanted change and the only route to change is to be the change. We aim for diversity and inclusion, rather than ploughing the same furrow. We are far from perfect, but if we aim high and miss, it still might be good enough. The magazine is evolving and, so far, each edition has better than the last, we strive for perfection but it is far from perfect, we will learn from our mistakes. A few proof reading errors occurred in PB5, they hopefully don’t spoil things, but every effort will be made to make sure they are eliminated from future issues. Poems are precious and personal creations and must be respected.
Aspirations / goals for the future ? Are there future publications to look forward to ?
The Moon! But the stars are lovely too. So many good things to look forward to. The next ‘Special Issue’ PB$ which will have a riffed and loose and dangerous money theme, then PB6, and perhaps before and during and after, more Grimoires from new (and exciting!) voices.
In light of the recent and sad demise of Doghouse Books, these books are perhaps more important than ever.
We would aspire to pay our contributors to PB mag. This is in the hands of the Arts Council, we constantly apply and will keep at it. The mag is more than happy with fundit to survive, but we could never expect the public to fund us to the extent of affording payment of poets.
Who can submit to the Poetry Bus and where can it be purchased ?
The world and her partner can submit to PB!
See guidelines and PLEASE buy a copy online at
Or in The Salmon Bookshop and Literary Centre Ennistymon
The Winding Stair Bookshop Dublin
Books Upstairs Dublin
Alan Hanna’s Rathmines
Charlie Byrnes Galway
Support independent poetry, support proper bookshops!
Thank you Linda!
Thank you Peadar for your super interview at your top secret location !
Thanks to everyone for joining me on this leg of our journey..I look forward to your company in our next adventure…..
Photo credits :
Contemplating the Muse – Linda
Peadar O’Donoghue launching the PB5 at O Bheal Cork 14/10/2013 – Linda
Peadar O’Donoghue and me as I was receiving my copy at the launch O Bheal, Cork 14/10/2013 – Linda
Peadar O’Donoghue, Fiona Bolger and Philip Lynch at the launch at O Bheal – Linda
Photo of the PB5 Cover – Poetry Bus


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