LEAVING BABYLON – Wayne Gilroy, reviewed by Tony Floyd Kenna

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Wayne Gilroy

Reviewed by

Tony Floyd Kenna.

I first encountered Wayne on Facebook last year and finally got to meet him, and hear him, in person at the Pint Bar on January 4th. this year. Over the last few months I’ve got to know both the man and his songs a little better. A most pleasant journey which led us to performing together last night… back in the Pint Bar!

Wayne’s songs are real, stories of life, of love, of growing. Delivered in an easy guitar and vocal style, you will find yourself carefully listening to each story, to each lyric, as they paint a picture in your mind.

Babylon was an ancient city often painted as a corrupt, immoral, materialistic place, not unlike many cities of today perhaps…. So in choosing ‘Leaving Babylon’ as his album title is Wayne trying to get us to stand back and look at things, to take stock and rediscover the important things in life ? Well if he is I for one have no difficulty with it. Indeed all good music should take us away from the ‘real’ world for a while, help us rest, relax, dream, imagine, refresh, recharge.

The album opens with ‘Stay So Close To Me’. If it sounds familiar it’s because it uses a classic four chord pattern to underlay the song. A nice warm track to take you on the first step of this musical journey. Relaxed guitar, easy assured lead vocal and some lovely ‘oh wah ohs’ that will bring a smile to your face. ‘Would you walk with me, would you take my hand…’ I think he’s getting her interest.

‘Leaving Babylon’, the title track, follows. Wayne asks ‘Would you walk with me tonight, would you step into the light, give up on all you hold so strong, would you walk away from Babylon ?’. The vocal is delivered with depth and conviction over a nice slow easy guitar, she has to know this is for real, she can hear the truth in his voice. When this song ends you won’t want it to. You will want it to continue. A quite beautiful radio friendly track deserving of attention.


Track 3 is ‘She’s A Mystery’. Uptempo with a swaying groove, you’ll find your feet dancing. ‘She’s a mystery, she’s got history…’ , echoes of the younger person being cautious and curious at the same time. A lovely song which could easily be sung by a boy or a girl… Perhaps we’ll see a cover ?

A slow country style ballad ‘She Moves Like A Dancer’ follows. Sung with passion, you’ll be drawn right into the story and want to play it again and agin until you know it by heart. ‘Oh my love, my love, my love, she moves like a dancer’, what a wonderful picture.

Song 5 ‘Never Coming Home’ ups the tempo again. Get ready to sway and sing along ‘I’m never coming home, I’m never coming home’. It will fill your head. A resigned song of perhaps emigration or a broken life ? ‘Try to walk in my shoes, take away them blues’. Deep.

‘Whiskey River’ continues our journey. Another familiar sounding easy to sing along to rolling groove. Be it whiskey or some other addiction or obsession It’s easy to relate to this short thought provoking piece.

The album closes on track 7 ‘Breaking Free’. A classic Dylanesque piece ‘breaking free of misery..’ ….  ‘there is a time to question..’. I guess Wayne is inviting us to make that change, to cast off the distractions and see what really matters. Leave Babylon behind.

And so the quiet time arrives, Wayne’s debut album sits still in the CD player, ready to be played again. Get this album and take the journey away from Babylon, you will not be disappointed.

‘Leaving Babylon’ was produced and recorded by Paul Woodward.

Tony Floyd Kenna.

Wayne on MT  http://musicianstogether.com/user/wayne%20gilroy

The album will be available on itunes etc. in a few weeks.

Direct enquires and fan mail to Wayne at gilroywayne33 AT gmail DOT com

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