‘TRY LIVING IN MY HEAD’ Warren Newton – Album review by Roadbike Julia.

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Warren Newton

Reviewed by Roadbike Julia

I was delighted to be given this CD to review ….. I can’t stop listening to it!
This album is one I would be proud to give as a gift. I find it “comfortable”……..although I tried to find a different word…… Comfortable it is.
I feel that I have owned this CD for a very long time and am amazed at the variety of sounds I hear. Pure and lovely.
Warren Newton is one of the finest vocal performers I have heard recently (in my opinion). A pure and clean guitar picking style with a gentle supporting drum and superb keyboard skill. Warren has the gift of making all his songs sound different.
This is a great gift as some of us, however hard we try, always sound the same whatever the song (not necessarily a criticism). Last weekend I had occasion to drive 240 miles.
Most albums are best listened to once, maybe twice….but I listened to this over and over again. On the way back home I decided to change CD. Wrong move….I needed this music more. I can hear so many different influences which may have been there for Warren or maybe just what I hear, Jack Johnson in track 4 (keep it simple), may be some Lennon here and there and a Jazzy sort of Soul in track 2.
Even some Old time music Hall sounds.
But I didn’t come here to listen to influences. Warren Newton is TOTALLY original. My favourite track is 10 “Why did you lie to me”. The orchestration at 2.45 makes me want to melt into a heap on the floor…but instead I have made into the cool down part of my exercise class….:)
Lyrics ?….noooooooo, these are stories……. which truly make the best lyrics.
So many words in these songs that I wish I could have written…..
Totally beautiful mix….. This world is sometimes a hard place to be, but it’s a good world, if you follow your heart and sing. Learn to give. Keep it simple.
Love the stars. (my Dad taught me the map of the night sky). But I truly believe we have all we need here on earth if we just try to find it. And we all have the capacity to find our own paradise. To understand some of my comments…..well, you’ll just have to listen to the CD.  Julia.
PS..I drive a Mercedes….LOL
Warren – On title track:
“My guitar and I will dream the day away….

For all those like me who are addicted to music. How the orchestra in your head never stops and the rest off life sorta gets in the way sometimes.

Thanks to all you people at MT for providing a stimulus to do better, try harder and enjoy it all more.”

Warren – On album:
“With so many things going around in my head, these songs are from the chaos, confusion and the everyday influences that swirl around and somehow end up in the music I create……….thank you…”


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