Gambling Man (Single) Vincent Lynch

Tony Floyd Kenna | March 9, 2013 | 0 Comments

Gambling Man

Vincent Lynch

Reviewed by

Liam Oragh

I’ve gotta admit to being a little suspicious of Vincent Lynch’s CD when it arrived without a cover and accompanied by an official management company press release – but I needn’t have worried. It was designed to be “a taste, a teaser, some small little pickings for people to chew over for a bit”, and so chew over it I did..

And there was an authenticity about this from the beginning – the CD itself has a simple picture of Vincent dressed in blue jeans white shirt and black waistcoat, stoic and unapologetic, clearly having done some living and happy to share a little of what he’s learnt along the way.

A Showband veteran and near- fatal car accident survivor Vincent shows his experience, in both music and life by this rocky number, inspired by Thin Lizzy, horseracing and gambling.

A talented guitarist, he’s got all the licks and touches – no coincidence that he’s from the same home town as Rory Gallagher either.

The song has you imagining yourself at the horse-track, feeling the excitement, expectation and sometimes disappointment of watching a race that you’ve gambled money on.

“Shiver down my back – here she comes around the track

She’s running away so far – race nearly there

Just two more hurdles to go – palpitations head to toe

My God she’s taken a fall – didn’t finish at all!”

And so, while I’m in no way suggesting that Vincent is writing autobiographically about the gambling man, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was, as we say in Ireland, fond of a flutter – that’s how real this song is.

In the beginning I was wondering if it was an EP or an Album that I was putting on but no – there is a God for lazy reviewers – this is a promotional single – a single slice of musical demonstration, and a pretty good and effective one at that!

Liam Oragh.


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