Top 5 Driving Songs of 2012 (Mainstream) by Matt Jones

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Top 5 Driving Songs of 2012 (Mainstream)


Matt Jones.

Whilst we predominantly feature MT Members and their music here in the magazine it is also nice to have a look at the ‘mainstream’ music business from time to time. Particularly of interest to those members seriously intending to take over the World ! no harm looking at the competition. And of course at heart most of us are big music fans anyway…. so here you go, the Top Five Driving Songs Of 2012 by Matt Jones. TFK Ed.


So, 2012 is over and out. We’re now looking ahead to brighter and better things in 2013 with all of our New Year resolutions ready to be broken within the next month or so. Something that I always enjoy is looking back over the past year and looking at what in the World of music makes the shortlist. It’s a great, fun way to start the year and look at what was pleasuring our ear drums in the previous year!
However, decidedly, we decided to go for a slight bend on tradition and instead of just the best songs of 2012; which would be highly debatable no doubt anyway, especially given some of the fantastic releases that were available; Donald Fagens’ Sunken Condos being one of my personal favourites, to go for something a bit different.

I can’t think of anywhere else in the world where I can enjoy music more than behind the wheel of a car. Every year we get another compilation album brought to our attention with the same mix of songs featuring Meatloaf, Cher and Bonnie Tyler classics, which is great, but it’s nothing new. So what else do we expect when we decide to invest our listening time in ‘The World’s greatest Driving Songs’? Well, by deciding the best driving songs of 2012, it was not only a challenge but a celebration of some of the great songs that have gone by in the former year.

Sure, these are debatable; but isn’t that the beauty of music? To divide and unite people based on opinion and taste, but ultimately share an overall love of music. There are many songs that could have made the cut but I would love to know which songs you think could have been your ideal songs for putting on in your car to make your journeys far more fun and exciting. It’s all for fun, and I would love to know yours! Enjoy!


1.Noel Gallagher -  Dream on

A number 1 album (arguably filled with driving songs), followed by a sell-out arena tour surprised Noel Gallagher enough for him to all but scrap his other planned post-Oasis project with Amorphous Androgynous to concentrate on his High Flying Birds career. Dream On is the fourth single from the album, and features a relentless guitar rhythm and a huge sing-a-long chorus that was made for the road.

2. Calvin Harris (feat Florence Welch) -  Sweet Nothing

A stock-in-trade modern house effort by Calvin Harris is aided by a big drop and floating vocals from Florence Welch, which keeps the song from falling stale, and gives the song a Tokyo street race quality . It might not be in the vein of the classic driving songs, but brings a contemporary interpretation.

3. The Rolling Stones  -  Doom and Gloom

A surprise entry from the seemingly immortal Rolling Stones, Doom and Gloom manages to capture some of the bite of the Stones’ early output, whilst offering lyrics that provide a subtle commentary on today’s ever-changing world. It’s easy to mock the Stones for the exorbitant ticket prices and endless ‘best of’ compilations (one of which this song is part of), but an almost instantly recognisable riff from ‘Keef’ makes this tune a must.

4. The Darkness -  Everybody Have A Good Time

A meat and potatoes rock song that leans less heavily towards The Darkness’ more tongue in cheek output, and delivers a slice of Thin Lizzy/Slade style rock with a big chorus and lands the song in classic road-trip territory.


5. The Hives -  Go Right Ahead

The lead single from their latest album Lex hives, Go Right Ahead is a typical Hives stomper. The riff was unintentionally borrowed from the ELO song “Don’t Bring Me Down”, and as such ELO’s Jeff Lynne is credited as one of the writers. Coming in at 3:06 with a minimal amount of lyrics, Go Right Ahead is perfect driving material.

Matt Jones holds a degree in Music and is currently working with RAM tracking. Also a guitarist with plenty of band experience, Matt keeps his hand in with sessions from time to time. Ram specialise in vehicle tracking allowing Matt to combine his passions of music and his love of the open road.

“RAM encourages safe driving and music should not distract the driver”


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