Mama Kaz Band & Allison McGrath take MRU Awards!

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Mama Kaz Band


Allison McGrath


MRU Awards!

Musicians Together members Mama Kaz and Allison McGrath walked away with number ones at the Musicreview Unsigned Awards last night. The Mama Kaz Band, including Johnny Skip Crawford, Ali McKenzie & Peter Spratt walked away with the Best Blues Rock category and Allison scooped the Best Soul/Jazz/Funk category earlier in the evening I was standing on Dame Street in the middle of Dublin and found myself locked in an embrace with the enchanting Allison McGrath, had I died and gone to Heaven? no, the Northern Ireland contigent had arrived for the Musicreview Unsigned Awards ceremony. More hugging followed with Mama Kaz, Johhnny Skip and several other happy travellers who had made the journey hoping that the Girls and Johnny would get the recognition they had worked so hard for and most surely deserved. We found Mr. MRU himself, Trevor Halpin, loitering at the back of the venue and after some quick introductions headed for the shop for some food like refreshments. The Quartermaster for the trip had provided well with the liquid refreshments but strangely had forgotten to include sandwiches….

Back at the Awards everyone waited with heart stopping anticipation as the winners began to be announced. When quite early in the evening the The Mama Kaz Band were announced as winners in the Blues Rock category the cheers, screams and shouts from the little N.I. group filled the venue and could surely be heard back on the streets of Belfast, a magic moment. Now we had to wait and see if it could be a repeat for Allison, who sat quietly and anxiously waiting to see if she too might get called. Kaz and me held hands wishing wishing wishing, It was great that she had won her category but the circle would only be complete if Allison too was going home on the bus clutching an award… So when the time came for Soul, Jazz, Funk…… There could be only one and it was Allison McGrath! Words alone cannot give a good enough picture of the beaming faces, the smiles, the audible excitement, the freeze framing of time that ensued. A moment like this with Kaz, Allison & Johnny standing there nearly speechless and so so happy is one to be experienced and cherished forever….. A thanks must also go to all the supporters who travelled, Trisha, Dee, Paul, Mama’s wonderful Children Adam & Avril, Charli, Carl, Pauline, Julie, Edel… I just don’t have all the names but you are not forgotten! ..and a special thanks to Mr. MRU, Trevor Halpin, for creating, organising and putting on this special event.


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