MT SUNDAYS (1) December 2nd. 2012.

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MT SUNDAYS (1) December 2nd. 2012.

Darkey Kelly’s Dublin.

Reports below from Brian Aherne, Rhiannah Warm, Sean O’Neill & Cornelia Kindlinger.

Report from Brian Aherne

‘Tony organised an MT get together as we had 2 special guests in Dublin this weekend: Cornelia from Germany and Rhiannah from Northern Ireland.

There to greet them in Darkey Kelly ‘s pub was Tony Floyd Kenna, Wanman Shau , Sean O’ Neill and myself.

Cornelia brought candles and homemade biscuits and lit the candles and placed them on the adjoining tables creating a warm, homely , spiritual environment setting the xmas atmosphere.

Immediately, the music came alive with amazing singing from Rhiannah who duetted with Tony on ‘Heh, Hey, Hey’ and ‘ My Man Blues’ ably supported by Joe on lead guitar. I played a few of my own and was delighted to have Rhiannah sing my new song ‘The last Goodbye’. Sean sang some trademark songs of his – always with clever, insightful lyrics backed by his beautiful melodies expertly sung- I really enjoyed his ‘ Let ‘s Get Into Jesus’ song – It was like the Lord ‘s Spirit was shinning down on us.

Both Rhiannah and Cornelia gave us an impromptu dance to Joe ‘s ‘ Flat Cat Moan’ and that was a first for MT so well done Joe.  We all traded songs  some more and myself and Rhiannah sang Tony’s classic  ‘ All The Colours’ and later a cover of ‘ Black Is The Colour’ – Tony and Joe belted out  ‘ House Of The Rising Sun’ – which we all joined in on ..

What a night to remember – probably the best MT night ever (he always says that! ED.). We may have been a small group but we were one – joined by the spirit of music – the love of sharing what moves us inside – looking forward to the next gig and more special days like this :) . Brian Aherne.

From Rhiannah Warm.

‘Sunday 2 December was another first for MT Dublin.  It was the first Sunday afternoon session and was a special treat planned for Cornelia and I as we were visiting in Dublin.  Despite the appalling weather I braved the drive from Co. Down to the heart of Dublin and Darkey Kellys to meet with an amazing group of people to partake in the sharing of what William Shakespeare called the food of the soul – music!  I was blown in by the wind and rain but the atmosphere was already mellow and in a groove as I settled down and took my place.  With ever growing confidence in each other I was rallied to join in and I soloed, duetted and group sang with a broad range of songs from House of the Rising Sun, traditional Irish Black is the Colour to Brian and Tony originals such as All the Colours and The Last Goodbye.  Joe’s amazing blues playing even led me and Cornelia onto the dance floor and Sean was mellowness personified with his Get into Jesus.  I got to exercise my voice across a pantheon of scales and styles and was reluctant to say goodbye when we had to leave to allow the next band of merry musicians to move into our little nook.  I walked towards the car park with Joe but could not resist a stop off at the oldest chipper in Dublin for a rarity called ray and chips to eat on the marathon drive home.  It was a new and exciting time all round and needless to say I was still wrestling sleep at 3 am this morning with all the memories and songs going around in my head!  Here’s to the next one! Rhiannah Warm.’

From Sean O’Neill.

‘What can you do on a wet Sunday afternoon in Dublin? I went to Darkey Kelly’s to the first Sunday MT jam. It wasn’t the busiest meet I’ve been to but it was a wonderfully relaxed gathering – the video captures the vibe nicely.  As well as the hard-working usual suspects, there were two lovely lady visitors who brought dancing to the table too – no, not ‘on’ the table but that could happen yet.

It was only my second of the MT meets but It’ll be a regular for me. I particularly enjoyed the round of ‘miserable cover songs’ and it was uncanny how, having decided it was House of the Rising Sun for me – Tony Floyd Kenna did it and I resorted to a song by one of my favourite writers, Bill Morrissey. Looking forward to the next meet where I hope my lady, with a re-ignited passion for singing/writing, will come along’. Sean O’Neill.

From Cornelia Kindlinger

‘Last november Tony invited me to the MT jams in December but unfortunately I wasn’t able to go due to a busy schedule. So I was really sorry for that and very nicely surprised when Tony who is not only a very talented musician but also an excellent manager of MT Dublin spontaneously initiated a Sunday afternoon session for December 02, at Darkey Kellys in Dublin for Rhiannah Warm and me.
So I even started baking some traditional German cookies and brought some candles with me to convey the feeling of German 1st Advent-Sunday  before  X-MAS .  And indeed, shortly after our small group started playing and singing a wonderful spirit of harmony and amazing concord spread out among the artists : Brian,  Joe,  Sean and Tony  sharing their more well known as well as their most recent musical work.  And Rhiannah  who was backing  them with her lovely voice even started together with me an improvisational performance of  Rock’n Roll to the various songs of TFK’s All the Colours and other music pieces.  A really outstanding ambiance of understanding and togetherness carried by the common love of music made this afternoon so unforgettable.
I enjoyed this extraordinary session very much and particularly as someone coming from abroad and another culture so that I felt very warmly welcomed and at home in this group and once again I send all my heartfelt thanks to TFK as the great artist and initiator and to Rhiannah, Brian, Joe and Sean for coming and bringing joy to me on this Sunday afternoon.
Looking forward to the opportunity of attending further sessions  I already wish you a blessed and lovely Christmas together with your dear loved ones and families!’ Cornelia Kindlinger.

Compilation video (including the dancing!)–December-2nd-2012

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