SONGWRITERS No. 15. – EddK. November 2012

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No. 15. – EddK.

November 2012

Number fifteen in a series where Songwriters on MT have been invited to tell a little about why they write, and to pick a personal favourite of their own. Edd is a hugely active member and supporter of MT , writes and records some amazing material and here shares with us some of the history and life behind his songwriting. Edd lives in England, Europe. T.F.K.

How long have you got?

How long have you got? .. I have a story to tell you .. Music has been my life for as far back as I can remember, and I have a wonderful memory, long term :/ .. I first picked up a guitar when I started high school in 87 ish, I was crap, I had no patience, so I put it down .. I played on and off for quite a few years, growing up .. but the first time I REALY played, was in a dingy flat in Liverpool, I was 16, I briefly hung around with some older, undesirable dudes, one of which played his acoustic guitar amazingly well, even when high on junk .. I watched this guy play knocking on heavens door, and although I had been inspired by many “famous” bands, guitarists, singers, artists, it was this guy, smacked up to the eyeballs that truly inspired me .. I know that sounds damn crazy right!! .. But, behind this guys issues, and the pain and sag in his eyes, was a very deep soul who was literally crying out through the way he played and sung, That was when I realised that I could release some of my own demons, So, as the guys injected themselves and fell into slumber .. I took a turn on the guitar, I must have sounded amazing to them ha, I played and played the three chords to knocking on heavens door over and over till I finally nailed it .. I never put the guitar down after that night ..

Growing up, my parents were huge music buffs, my dad played when he was younger and also wrote poems, I was raised on Marvin Gaye, Merle Haggard, Ted Hawkins, The Dubliners Etc .. For many years I played, but never did anything with my music, I’d written hundreds of poems (Some of which is still my Lyric fodder today) .. Trauma, pain and .. well, life .. got in the way of my doing anything, putting my mind or being bothered was a chore, depression and angst played a huge part of most of my growing up, or rather, not growing up, I knew what I had, but I wasted so much time with my head stuck up my arse, it’s only half way out now, ha-ha ..

It wasn’t until 3 years ago that I invested in a home recording studio and started TRULY writing my work, since then I’ve released so many demons it’s unbelievable .. My music is, dark, most of the time, dark, it’s factual, it’s experience, I feel very vulnerable at times as I bare my complete soul, if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t be here today, as strange as that sounds it’s TRUE .. when the world turned it’s back on me .. I had a guitar and a pen .. I’m now, a very humble musician, I am self taught and extremely proud of my achievements so far, Since I started putting my music out there I have met some amazing musicians, some of whom I’ve worked with .. I have no desire to be “famous” .. although a healthy living would be nice, but, as long as my family and my friends enjoy what I do, and I can reach people with my words .. That’s the dream for me, as well as being my outlet.

My personal favourite .. hmmmm, this is very hard .. there’s two One being three as a war themed concept, there’s the “letters back home” trilogy, part one is on my self funded debut “true stories” .. I will be posting part one and two pretty soon, I am currently working on part 3 .. the other is, “WAS IT A DREAM” .. I had this posted for a while but I removed it as I need to re do it, it has to be right, was it a dream is my true story, in 4 fat verses, that is where I release everything, my whole self, this will also be posted soon enough, stay tuned.

I spent a lot of time on you tube, trying to get my music out there, to be heard .. but there’s always one place where I’m totally respected and where I’m very comfortable, that’s musicians together, and I thank Mark, Tony, Liam, Julia, Rhi
and anyone that has listened in, for the love and support I’m extremely grateful.

One more thing, go check out lunaticmusicman, my good brother, this guy deserves to be heard … True story.



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