Odibal ‘Multi Single’ E.P. – Review

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Odibal ‘Multi Single’ E.P. review by Liam Oragh.

‘Always love me when I’m Sober’

I was delighted to be asked to review Murray McDowell’s work as I was very moved by a recent article he wrote about his personal journey and indeed by the honesty of his song-writing. In collaboration with Keni Brownlow under the bandname Odibal,  he’s just released a 4-song EP entitled Sober. And while not a big fan of EPs, preferring  full meals rather than snacks or half-portions, there are times when the snacks are so tasty that they make looking forward to the full dinner all the sweeter..

What’s immediately impressive and interesting about this project is the diversity and blending of the genres and influences. We go from funky Indie to Electro Acoustic ballads to folk rock and a bit of country blues all in the space of 4 songs.

It’s funny how the first words on the first song on a record entitled Sober are “I was drinking  – thinking what I wanted to do” – ‘Going Home’ is a lovely funky feel-good tight little number – the boys are having fun and when they have fun we have fun grooving along with them..

The title track is a lovely raw acoustic-led ballad which eventually reveals itself as being written by a groom the day before getting married – full of those pre-wedding nerves and worries  – and a chorus  you can imagine singing along with, and some deft lead guitar giving it just the right haunting ring of authenticity.

‘You always love me when I’m sober

You always hate me when I fall

When we fight it always gets to me

So why won’t you return my call’

I loved the folk-rock grittiness of ‘In your life’ – its melody and deft instrumentation reminded me of REM from that wonderfully prolific ‘automatic for the people’ era

‘Nowhere for home’ finishes off proceedings and it has a lovely blend of country and blues that will definitely have some of the MT family nodding their heads with approval – very satisfying number to end on.

Even a quick glance at the featured photos tells you that there’s a blend of young and old in this collaboration and that blend seeps through to the music – so there’s a little bit of the energy of youth mixing with the wisdom of age going on and it’s a real pleasure to hear that kind of interaction – So – Appetite whetted – Starter enthusiastically consumed – I’m looking forward to the main course!

Liam Oragh.

Links on Murray’s channel – Going home – http://musicianstogether.com/video/66GHY2BBG5YM/Goin8217-Home

Sober – http://musicianstogether.com/video/3UNR37SH64KS/Sober

Murray’s article: http://musicianstogether.com/magazine/2012/04/25/my-personal-journey-murray-mcdowell/

Available on itune https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sober-ep/id539997708

or contacy Murray directly for physical CDs.

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