Hall of Glass – ‘Faded Landscape’ Debut Album Review

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Hall of Glass Faded LandscapeFaded Landscape is the debut album of Japanese band, Hall of Glass. The band comprises two members – Pochiko (vocal and Bass) and Kazarou (keyboards.) Kazarou is also responsible for instrumentation and arrangement. He has  written all the songs on the album with the exception of track 11. The band members describe their music as Progressive and New Wave.

All of the songs are in Japanese – but if you don’t speak Japanese. please do not let that put you off. One of the key strengths of this remarkable album  is the consistently strong melody lines and hooks prevalent throughout. You’re free to put your own interpretation on each track as you would on a piece of instrumental music or indeed on  tracks of some English speaking bands where lyrics can be sometimes ambiguous, meaningless or indecipherable. This album quite simply does not need you to understand the lyrics.

The other huge strength of this album is the vocal of Pochiko. A Hall of Glass 1wonderfully deep resonant voice with an amazing range which absolutely and consistently does justice to the amazing melody lines of Kazarou.

The first track, ‘Vain,’ is one of the most powerful on the album. It is a mid tempo passionate uplifting piece of music with an inspired chord change at the start of the chorus which in the right hands could generate millions for its owners. ‘Vain’ is driven by Pochiko’s Bass guitar, which is dominant throughout the song – and indeed the entire album.

The second track ‘Silent dream’ is a slower number with a wonderful Synth hook repeated throughout the song. It is reminiscent of a 70′s synth sound – and for some reason Bowie’s

‘Diamond Dogs’. Again, a superb track perfectly complimenting  the first  and rising to a powerful climax at the end. Track 3, ‘Summer Orbit,’ picks up the pace and compliments the first 2 tracks. Track 4, ‘Blood music,’ opens with  beautiful melancholic piano which quickly turns into a fast furious rhythm propelled by the driving Bass lines of Pochiko. Again, throughout this incredible song there are repeated melodic synth hooks which draw you in. Track 5, ‘Assimilation,’ is mid-tempo with more great  hooks and a sinister/sombre chorus. The album continues with 7 further tracks, all amazing in their own right and all characterized by powerful melody lines, engaging hooks and consistently wonderful vocals.

hall of glass

In total, there are twelve tracks on the album – all unique and memorable in their own right. Instrumentation is perfect, with just the right balance of strings, guitar solos etc. as required.

Most of the songs are on MT. Please give them a listen. The songs Vain and Blood Music would be a great introduction for you to this very original and talented band.

You can buy the CD here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/hallofglass

Visit Hall of Glass’ MT channel: http://musicianstogether.com/user/HALL%20OF%20GLASS

Visit their own website: http://prognewwavegothic.web.fc2.com/



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